Tokyo Toni Net Worth (Updated 2024)


A name that conjures images of charm and resolve, Tokyo Toni has made a big splash in show business and beyond. This article delves deeply into her life, career, Tokyo Toni net worth, and the ways in which she rose to prominence, both as Blac Chyna’s mother and through her own achievements.

Full NameShalana Jones-Hunter
NicknameTokyo Toni
Date of BirthOctober 12, 1969
Zodiac SignLibra
BirthplaceSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic
Current ResidenceWashington DC, USA
Net Worth$4 million

Who is Tokyo Toni?

The dynamic mother of reality TV star Blac Chyna is the main reason Tokyo Toni, whose real name is Shalana Jones-Hunter, has become famous. Being associated with one of the most famous families in American entertainment, her daughter’s relationships with famous people like Rob Kardashian catapulted her to stardom.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of $4 million Tokyo Toni is a result of her many successful business endeavors and frequent appearances in the media. Her financial successes are a reflection of her entrepreneurial spirit and influence in the entertainment industry, though exact figures may vary.


Tokyo Toni has created a relatable and inspiring persona through her upbringing in an environment that values perseverance. She has carved out a special place for herself in a highly competitive industry through a combination of daring actions and smart alliances.


On October 12, 1969, Tokyo Toni came into this world. Her life story is one of constant change, characterized by both professional and personal development.

Height and Weight

Tokyo is of average height and keeps a fit figure, which is a feature of her public appearances and TV appearances.


The public has paid close attention to Tokyo’s relationships as the matriarch of her family, particularly those involving her daughter Blac Chyna. Adding to her already complex public persona, her family life has been the center of attention on multiple occasions.

Early Life

Tokyo Toni’s resiliency is a product of the hardships she endured as a child. The groundwork she set in her youth allowed her to gracefully navigate the challenges of fame and business.


 Kyoto Toni graduated from high school in 1977 and went on to get a degree from university in 1981. She was able to launch successful careers and businesses thanks to her strong academic foundation.


Kyoto Business savvy is on full display for Toni as she serves as CEO of On My Grind Entertainment and Promotions LLC. The turning point in her career came when she began making appearances on reality TV, which led to new opportunities in the entertainment and business industries.

Personal Life

A lot of people have been curious about her private life, particularly her relationships. Tokyo is now married to Marcellus Hunter, and she has been vocal about her varied romantic history. At the center of her world are her grandchildren and her one and only child, Blac Chyna.


Tokyo The way Toni lives is a direct reflection of her achievements. Attendance at events and her social media posts give the impression that she is a free spirit who enjoys life to the fullest, surrounded by laughter and luxury.

Tokyo Toni’s Business Ventures

Tokyo Toni’s Business Ventures

Tokyo Toni’s celebrity status and her business endeavors have been defining factors in her career. We explore her business accomplishments that have boosted her net worth in this section.

On My Grind Entertainment

On My Grind Entertainment was established by Tokyo Toni with the purpose of managing and promoting talent. A large portion of her wealth has come from her dedication to fostering new talent, and this endeavor is a reflection of her astute understanding of the entertainment industry.

Promotions LLC

Tokyo has proven her marketing and branding prowess in her role as chief executive officer of Promotions LLC. She has further cemented her place in the business world with this company, which specializes in public relations and event promotion.

Reality TV Show Involvement

She was able to promote her other businesses and improve her public image through her participation in reality TV. Tokyo has promoted her entrepreneurial endeavors to a large audience through the use of her television appearances.

Tokyo Toni and Blac Chyna Relationship

Tokyo Toni and Blac Chyna Relationship

The bond created between Tokyo Toni and Blac Chyna‘s complicated and fascinating relationship has garnered a lot of media attention and had an effect on their careers.

Early Collaboration

Tokyo was incredibly supportive of Chyna as she took her first steps in the entertainment industry during their early days together in the public eye, showcasing the strong mother-daughter bond between them.

Business Collaborations

Their professional and personal relationships have been strengthened through their business collaborations, which have included joint appearances on multiple reality shows.

Public Dynamics

The tensions and reconciliations shown in their social media and television interactions provide a clear picture of their dynamic, captivating their audience.

Impact on Pop Culture

Tokyo The cultural effects of Toni’s actions reach far beyond her own personal and professional spheres, especially via the notoriety of her daughter.

Influence through Reality TV

She has been able to impact popular culture through her reality TV appearances, which offer viewers a glimpse into the lives of celebrities and the entertainment industry.

Media Representation

The public views famous mothers and their involvement in their children’s careers through the lens of Tokyo, who has been depicted in the media as a powerful, self-reliant woman.

Social Media Engagement

Tokyo strengthens her influence on popular culture and her place in continuing media narratives through her participation in cultural trends and conversations on social media.

Future Endeavors

In the future, Tokyo Toni hopes to broaden her commercial interests and maintain her impact in the entertainment sector. Exciting new endeavors, driven by her ambition, are in the works, and they will undoubtedly add to her reputation and legacy.


How did Tokyo Toni become famous?

Tokyo gained fame through her daughter Blac Chyna’s high-profile relationships and her own roles in reality TV.

What are Tokyo Toni’s main sources of income?

Her income stems from her entertainment ventures, business operations in talent management, and her roles in television.

What is Tokyo Toni’s role in Blac Chyna’s reality show?

She appears frequently, providing insight into their personal lives and their mother-daughter dynamics.

How has Tokyo Toni influenced Blac Chyna’s career?

Her support and involvement in the entertainment industry have significantly impacted Chyna’s career trajectory.

Tokyo Toni and Marcellus Hunter’s relationship timeline?

Tokyo Toni and Marcellus Hunter have had a dynamic relationship, highlighted by their marriage and mutual support.

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The story of Tokyo Toni’s life is one of growth and success. She has overcome incredible odds to become a successful entrepreneur and a famous mother, and her story is one of inspiration. Tokyo Toni net worth further highlights her achievements and success. Her story exemplifies the power of perseverance and intelligence in turning dreams into tangible achievements.

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