Dana Carvey Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Dana Carvey has been a household name for decades thanks to her hilarious performances. Discover Dana Carvey Net Worth, early life, career trajectory, personal life, and more as this article dives into his complex career.

After his iconic turns on “Saturday Night Live” and “Wayne’s World,” Dana Carvey’s impact on the world of comedy is impossible to erase. His distinctive combination of impersonation and comedy has brought him a large fan base and a fortune over the years. An exhaustive analysis of Dana Carvey’s career, personal life, and net worth is presented in this article.

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Net Worth$20 Million
BirthdateJun 2, 1955
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Screenwriter, Television producer
NationalityUnited States of America

Who is Dana Carvey?

A multi-talented American, Dana Carvey has acted, performed stand-up comedy, and done impressions. He became famous in the ’80s and ’90s and was widely considered a top comedian of that time. His unforgettable portrayal of Garth Algar on “Wayne’s World” and his numerous memorable characters on “Saturday Night Live” cemented his position as a legendary figure in the world of comedy.

Net Worth

It is believed that Dana Carvey has a net worth of about $20 million. His stand-up comedy, film, and television careers are the main sources of his income. Thanks to his evergreen appeal and consistent performances, Carvey’s wealth has remained impressive even though his career took a nosedive in the early 2000s.


Dana In Missoula, Montana, Thomas Carvey came into this world on June 2, 1955. Having four siblings and hailing from a Lutheran family, Carvey spent his childhood in San Carlos, California. His sibling, Brad Carvey, has made his mark in the film industry through his work in visual effects as well.

Age, Height, and Weight

Dana Carvey will be 68 years old in the year 2024. His active lifestyle and dedication to personal well-being are evident in his healthy weight and towering stature of about 5 feet 8 inches.


Paula Zwagerman is Dana Carvey’s wife, and the couple has two kids together. Marin County, California is home to the family’s Mill Valley residence. Throughout his career, Carvey has let his devotion to his family dictate his choices and priorities.

Early Life

Carvey had a passion for the stage from a young age, despite being born and brought up in San Carlos, Montana. His early exposure to music and the gift of a drum set ignited a lifelong love of performing. From a young age, he was heavily involved in extracurricular activities at school, even making the high school cross country team.


Before enrolling at San Francisco State University, Dana Carvey went to College of San Mateo. His bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications set the stage for a successful career in show business.


Starting out in stand-up comedy, Carvey achieved notable success in 1977 by winning the San Francisco Stand-Up Comedy Competition. When the 1980s rolled around, he made the switch to film and television with parts in “Halloween II” and “This is Spinal Tap.” In 1986, he signed on with “Saturday Night Live,” where he became famous for creating memorable characters and impersonations.

Personal Life

In 1979, Dana Carvey tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart, Leah Carvey. Nevertheless, in 1980, they filed for a divorce. After that, in 1983, he wed Paula Zwagerman; the couple has two children together. A deep devotion to his family has always defined Carvey’s private life.

Health Issues and Heart Surgery

Unfortunately, Carvey had problems after heart bypass surgery in 1997 because of a surgical mistake. A subsequent medical malpractice lawsuit resulted in a $8 million settlement, which he generously gave to charity. Carvey has kept busy in his career despite having persistent heart problems.

Real Estate Investments

A home in Ross, Marin County, was bought by Dana Carvey for $3.75 million in 1999. Reflecting Carvey’s taste for high-quality, well-designed homes, the property was designed by renowned architect Gardiner Dailey and landscape artist Thomas Church.

Influence on Comedy

Dana Carvey has had a significant impact on the comedy industry. His impersonation and character comedy on “Saturday Night Live” were groundbreaking. Carvey has been credited by numerous comedians, such as Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell, with helping to launch their careers.


Carvey’s dedication to his health and family, as well as his prosperous profession, are evident in his way of life. Emphasizing the significance of family in his life, he manages to balance his professional pursuits with quality time spent with his loved ones.

Philanthropy and Charity Work

Philanthropy and Charity Work

Comedian and philanthropist Dana Carvey is multitalented. There is ample evidence of his generosity through his many donations and charitable endeavors. Throughout his career and personal life, Carvey has maintained a dedication to giving back.

Medical Malpractice Settlement Donation

After Carvey won a $8 million medical malpractice case resulting from a failed heart operation, he decided to give the whole sum to charity. His dedication to serving others and making a difference in the world was on full display in this altruistic deed.

Support for Health-Related Causes

Carvey has been outspoken in his support of causes connected to health, especially those involving cardiovascular disease. His personal journey with heart surgery has inspired him to support organizations that promote cardiovascular health by increasing awareness and generating funds. To show his support for these causes, he is a regular at charity events and fundraisers.

Involvement in Local Charities

In addition to his work with national health charities, Carvey is active in several community service projects. He is committed to helping those in need in his community and regularly donates to food banks, shelters, and educational programs.

Dana Carvey’s Role in Wayne’s World

Dana Carvey's Role in Wayne's World

Hello, Dana Many consider Carvey’s performance as Garth Algar in “Wayne’s World” to be his most famous role to this day. He became a cultural phenomenon thanks to his loyal friend Wayne and his eccentric personality.

Creating Garth Algar

Brad Algar, Carvey’s famously nerdy older brother, served as inspiration for the character of Garth Algar. Garth became a beloved figure in popular culture thanks to Carvey’s talent for giving the role an authentic and humorous spin.

Impact on Pop Culture

With Carvey’s portrayal of Garth becoming a beloved character, “Wayne’s World” made a significant impact on pop culture. Carvey was already well-established as one of the most prominent comedic actors of the ’90s when the film was a smash hit, prompting a sequel.

Continued Legacy

Fans of “Wayne’s World” still sing its praises, decades after its debut. Fans of the film and the media frequently bring up Carvey’s portrayal of Garth, which is still considered a career highlight.

Saturday Night Live Sketches

Dana Carvey’s time on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) was characterized by a string of iconic characters and sketches that highlighted his comic range and versatility.

The Church Lady

The Church Lady, played by Carvey, was a famous character on Saturday Night Live. She was a judgmental and overly cautious woman who hosted the made-up talk show “Church Chat.” The Church Lady was beloved by fans due to her iconic catchphrases and eccentricities.

Impersonations of Political Figures

Many people loved Carvey’s portrayal of President George H. W. Bush and other political figures in his impersonations. His remarkable talent for bringing these characters to life brought a touch of humor and satire to the show, and he became famous for it.

Collaborations with Fellow Cast Members

Carvey was a regular collaborator with the other SNL cast members, coming up with hilarious and energetic sketches. He made an indelible mark on the show’s legacy through his chemistry with Mike Myers and the rest of the cast.

Comeback to Stand-Up Comedy

After taking a break from the spotlight, Dana Carvey returned to stand-up comedy with a bang. Both his legion of fans and his detractors were ecstatic to see him perform again.

Revisiting Classic Material

Longtime fans of Carvey’s stand-up comedy know that he frequently returns to his classic material in his performances. A big part of his comeback success has been his ability to mix modern humor with touches of nostalgia.

New Stand-Up Specials

The new stand-up specials that Carvey has released demonstrate the growth of his comedy. His ability to captivate viewers of all ages and perpetuate his talent has been on full display in these successful specials.

Touring and Live Performances

Touring and live performances are also a part of Carvey’s comedic comeback. His high-energy, entertaining shows continue to draw huge audiences and solidify his position as a beloved comedian.

Most Memorable Characters

Dana Carvey has a long history of creating iconic characters that audiences will never forget. His comic range and versatility are on full display in every role he plays.

Garth Algar from Wayne’s World

Garth Algar is still a memorable character from Carvey’s work. The part he played as the quirky but endearing sidekick in “Wayne’s World” is one that fans still talk about and remember fondly.

The Church Lady from SNL

One more iconic “Saturday Night Live” character that Carvey played is the Church Lady. The Church Lady became an iconic character in comedy thanks to her scathing moral judgments and quick wit.

Hans from Hans and Franz

Carvey and Kevin Nealon developed the Austrian bodybuilders Hans and Franz, whose obsession was “pumping you up.” The duo became famous on SNL for their outrageous accents and hilarious routines.

Current Projects and Appearances

Dana Carvey has been less busy in recent years, but she is still keeping busy enough to engage audiences through her projects and appearances. His contributions to show business show that his talent and charisma never fade.

Podcast Appearances

Several well-known podcasts have featured guest appearances by Carvey, who has discussed his life and work. Through these appearances, he is able to forge a more personal bond with his fans.

Television and Film Cameos

Cameo appearances by Carvey in films and TV shows occasionally surprise and delight viewers. These cameos highlight his adaptability and serve as a gentle reminder to fans of his ever-present star power.

Stand-Up Performances

Regularly appearing at comedy clubs and special events, Carvey pursues his passion for stand-up comedy. His live shows prove that he has the talent to keep people of all ages entertained.

Future Endeavors

In the future, Dana Carvey will keep up her strong presence in stand-up comedy while making infrequent appearances in films and television. His future projects will most certainly feature additional performances that highlight his enduring comic talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dana Carvey’s net worth?

Dana Carvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

How did Dana Carvey become famous?

Carvey became famous through his work on “Saturday Night Live” and his role in “Wayne’s World.”

What are some of Dana Carvey’s most famous characters?

Some of Carvey’s most famous characters include the Church Lady and Garth Algar.

Has Dana Carvey had any health issues?

Yes, Carvey has had heart surgery complications but continues to remain active in his career.

Where does Dana Carvey live?

Dana Carvey lives in Mill Valley, Marin County, California, with his family.

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It is a tribute to Dana Carvey’s talent and determination that he went from being a stand-up comic to becoming a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. The career of Dana Carvey Net Worth, which is $20 million, continues to serve as an example to aspiring comedians. His comedic legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of people all over the globe.

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