Gillie Da Kid Net Worth (Updated 2024)


A household name in Philadelphia’s thriving hip-hop scene, Gillie Da Kid has made a name for himself in the business. His rise from humble beginnings as a local rapper to his current position as a renowned artist and podcast host is an incredible story that spans more than 20 years. This article gives a credible look into the personal and professional dynamics of rapper Gillie by diving into his life and investigating Gillie Da Kid Net Worth, career accomplishments, and personal life.

Who is Gillie Da Kid?

Who is Gillie Da Kid?

Gillie Da Kid, whose real name is Nasir Fard, is a highly esteemed American podcast host, actor, and rapper with extensive ties to the Philadelphia music scene and beyond. From acting to digital media—where he co-hosts the hit “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast—his influence knows no bounds.

Net Worth

The net worth of Gillie Da Kid is believed to be approximately $5 million. His varied career in music, acting, and digital media is evidenced by this figure. He owes a great deal of his success to his strategic career decisions and keen financial sense.


Gillie Da Kid, whose real name is Nasir Fard, came into this world in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 31, 1984. In the late ’90s, he got his start in the music industry as a member of the hip-hop collective Major Figgas. He started off as a member of the band but has since gone solo, releasing a plethora of albums and singles.


The year 2024 marks Gillie Da Kid’s 39th birthday. His longevity in the hip-hop industry is evidence of his resiliency and versatility as a musician.

Height and Weight

An essential component of Gillie Da Kid’s performances and public appearances is his towering, authoritative presence. His dynamic personality is complemented by his physical attributes.


The professional makeup artist Gene is Gillie’s husband. They are parents to two sons, TR3Y Seven7 and YNG Cheese, who are both musicians like their dad.

Early Life

Gillie was an early adopter of Philadelphia’s storied musical tradition as a child living in the city. It was at Ben Franklin High School that he initially discovered his love for performing and music.


After finishing high school, Gillie went on to major in business at Cabrini College. In addition to his academic pursuits, he was an active participant in collegiate athletics, particularly on the basketball and track teams.


Job With Major Figgas, Gillie’s music career took off, and he went on to do solo work and collaborate with other famous musicians. It is interesting to note his varied musical journey and his time spent with Cash Money Records and later independent labels.

Personal Life

Gillie has a real life outside of her music and fame. He has a satisfying family life and uses his podcast to add a personal touch by sharing insights into his experiences.


Gillie Da Kid maintains a lavish lifestyle befitting his prominent position in the entertainment and music industries, which he has helped to build. He has built his life around a combination of working hard, being dedicated, and enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Gillie Da Kid’s Influence in the Music Industry

Gillie Da Kid's Influence in the Music Industry

Major Figgas Sales Figures

The early work of Gillie Da Kid with Major Figgas had a huge effect on rap in Philadelphia. Their album “Figgas 4 Life” peaked at number 29 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and number 115 on the Billboard 200. Highlighting Gillie’s pivotal role in the group, the success of their hit single “Yeah That’s Us” solidified their position in the industry.

Music Royalties and Earnings

The majority of Gillie’s wealth comes from his solo work as well as his collaborative endeavors. His albums “King of Philly” and “Welcome to Gilladelphia” as well as his singles “Get Down on the Ground” have generated a lot of money for him. His earnings are a testament to his reliability, flexibility, and success in the industry.

Roc-A-Fella and Cash Money Records Affiliation

Important points in Gillie’s career include his time at Cash Money Records (during which he supposedly ghostwrote for Lil Wayne) and his short association with Roc-A-Fella. He was able to broaden his professional network and gain invaluable exposure and experience through these affiliations.

Business Ventures and Investments

Figgas 4 Life Entertainment

Following his departure from Major Figgas, Gillie established Figgas 4 Life Entertainment, his independent record label. His business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit were on full display in this endeavor, which gave him complete control over the creation and distribution of his music.

Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast Earnings

Joined by his cousin Wallo, Gillie now earns a substantial amount from the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast. Not only has this venture brought his brand into digital media, but it has also given him a platform to share insights with a wider audience and connect with them.

Acting Roles and Their Financial Impact

Films such as “King of the Avenue” and “Force of Execution,” in which Gillie has made an acting debut, have allowed him to diversify his income. His music career and these acting parts have contributed to his net worth, which he has managed to keep and even increase.

Comparison to Other Philadelphia Rappers

Net Worth Growth Comparison

While Gillie Da Kid’s wealth is remarkable, it is only one chapter in a much longer story of successful Philadelphia rappers. His rise to financial prominence mirrors that of fellow artists of his generation, such as Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill.

Influence on the Hip-Hop Industry

Beyond his wealth, Gillie has an impact. The industry will never be the same thanks to his outspoken personality, mentoring of younger artists, and impact on Philadelphia rap’s sound and style.

Future Financial Gains from New Projects

It is anticipated that Gillie Da Kid Net Worth will continue to rise due to ongoing projects and future collaborations. His capacity to think outside the box and adjust to market shifts bodes well for his future business ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did Gillie Da Kid make his money?

Gillie Da Kid amassed his wealth through music sales, royalties, his podcast, acting roles, and his record label, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment.

Q: What is the value of Gillie Da Kid’s music catalog?

While the exact value is undisclosed, Gillie’s music catalog, including hits and albums, has significantly contributed to his net worth.

Q: What details are there about Gillie’s contract with Cash Money Records?

Gillie’s time at Cash Money Records was marked by ghostwriting allegations and challenges in releasing his music, which eventually led to his departure.

Q: How much does Gillie Da Kid earn from his podcasting ventures?

The “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast is a substantial part of Gillie’s income, though exact figures are not publicized.

Q: What are Gillie Da Kid’s most profitable songs and albums?

“Get Down on the Ground” and albums like “King of Philly” and “Welcome to Gilladelphia” are among his most profitable works.

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The fact that Gillie Da Kid was able to rise from relative obscurity in Philadelphia to become a household name is a tremendous credit to his abilities and perseverance. The themes of tenacity, creativity, and striving for greatness run throughout his life story, which is about more than just music. Gillie Da Kid Net Worth and his lagacy will undoubtedly increase as he keeps making waves in the hip-hop industry and beyond, solidifying his position as a key figure in contemporary entertainment.

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