When can a woman go for Umrah without Mehram?

Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage. It is a spiritual journey that involves visiting holy places. However, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed while performing Umrah. The most common question that is asked is whether a woman can go for Umrah without Mahram in Islam. We discuss the concept of Mahram in Islam and the importance of Mahram. In Islam, a Mahram is someone with whom marriage is forbidden, with whom the woman is not bound by the veil. Such a person can take the women of his family to perform Umrah. 

You can also avail the Umrah Packages all-inclusive from Islamic Travel which are especially organized for the women. Under Islamic law, Umrah is prohibited without Mahram. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to enter the premises without a man. Under the law of Saudi Arabia, they will not take any Mahram visa. If someone is caught breaking the law, they may face deportation. However, with recent changes in the law, women above the 45 years of age can travel with a group or with a Mahram. A Muslim woman should fear Allah (SWT) and should not refuse any rules. Allah (SWT) will accept the prayers and bless.

Who is Mehram for Women?

Mahram is an Arabic word, meaning a man who is a guardian. A Mahram can be a father, brother, uncle, grandfather, husband, and son who is a close relative of a woman. The purpose of the Mahram is to accompany and protect women during Hajj and Umrah. Islam emphasizes the need for Mahram, and Mahram to protect women. Mahram is a mandatory part of Islamic law and it is mandatory for a woman to wear Mahram while traveling. The main purpose of Mahram is to provide safety and security to women. 

It is important to have a male companion to help with the difficulties that may arise during the spiritual journey. In the presence of Mahram, a woman does not face any kind of harassment or unwanted attention. The importance of the Mahram in Islam is the concept of the Mahram as a symbol of protection and guardianship. He protects women from the polluting influence of the world. A woman needs a shelter that a Mahram provides. It is Mahram’s responsibility to preserve the respect of women.

Which airline is best for the Solo woman pilgrim?

Qatar Airways is one of the best airline for the Solo woman pilgrim because it offers the comfortable seating for the woman especially. Cheap Qatar Airways flights of Umrah also offers the cheaper extra legroom seats for the woman.

What if a women has no Mahram?

In Islam, it is forbidden for a women to perform Umrah without Mahram. In Islam, a women should visit her husband or a relative for protection. On the contrary, if women do not have Mahram and relatives, they can travel in groups and be safe. Only mandatory for female travelers below 45 years of age if planning Umrah without Mahram, women should consider certain rules. Submit an objection certificate from your family to travel in an organized group. 

If there is a hustle bustle and crowd in the Kaaba, he should keep a little distance from men. She cannot make Talbiyah as loudly as men and should not attract the attention of the other men in the way. He should remain with his own group and should not talk to any non-Mahram. 

A women above 45 years of Age who wants to perform Umrah without a Mahram should try to walk at a normal speed on Safa and Marwah. Hajj is also an important pilgrimage of Islam which includes this restriction and need Mehram and Hajj packages are booked by the woman to undertake the Umrah. And is advised not to separate from her group at all.

Can a women perform Umrah with her mother?

A commonly asked question is whether a women can perform Umrah with her mother. A women can perform Umrah with her mother. There are many ways to do good deeds. Just as it is not permissible for a women to travel without Mahram, it is also not permissible for her mother. If a daughter insists on going and alone, then the mother should go with her. There is no restriction on Muslim women performing Umrah with relatives including their mothers. 

Umrah is a sacred act of worship that can be performed by Muslim men and women. The condition is to fulfill the necessary requirements and perform the rituals. All performed this spiritual journey together to get closer to Allah and seek His blessings. It is also necessary that a Mahram should be with the family even if he is a mother with the women and otherwise a mother of the family who can protect his family.

Can a women go to Mecca alone? 

Saudi Arabia has abolished the old rules and made new rules in which it is mandatory for a women to be accompanied by a Mahram. It has facilitated the participation of thousands of single Muslims women. Women can perform holy Umrah alone in Mecca and can also perform pilgrimages. Pilgrimages that can be performed at any time of the year by visiting holy places without a male Guardian or Mahram. Women without a Mahram alone can travel spiritual journey as the political campaigns of kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve women’s rights. 

What western societies consider oppressive. There is no Quranic command for women to travel alone for performing Umrah. Separating women from worshiping men and seeing them as expressions of piety is a part of the rejection of western norms. Single women who did not have a Mahram to visit the two mosques, Masjid al- Haram, and Masjid – al – Nabvi. She will join the women’s group tour. Their accommodation, food, sermon and prayers are arranged together.

Final thoughts

According to Saudi law, a women cannot go to perform Umrah without Mahram. If a women is over 45 year of age, she can perform Umrah without a Mahram accompanied by a senior group or family. Umrah is non- obligatory pilgrimage for those Muslims who can afford it financially and physically. Women are prohibited from performing Umrah without Mahram and these rules apply to all women regardless of law. 

A Mahram can be a father, brother, uncle, grandfather, husband, and son who is a close relative of a woman. If a women wants to perform Umrah without a Mahram, who has no Mahram or is older and wants to perform Umrah alone, she is advised to perform Umrah in a group. And for them there are certain rules regulations which we have to follow. Women can go with their mother to perform Umrah and can perform it alone.   

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