Suicideboys Net Worth (Updated 2024)


An innovative spot in the underground rap scene has been carved out for the New Orleans hip-hop duo Suicideboys. Their music, which is characterised by intense energy and self-reflective lyrics, has garnered them a devoted fan following and significant financial success. Learn more about their incredible career, their path to success, and also Suicideboys net worth in this in-depth analysis.

Who Are Suicideboys?

Who Are Suicideboys?

Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, cousins, formed Suicideboys in 2014, and the group became popular on SoundCloud very fast. They release music under their own label, G*59 Records, and are known for their unique sound, which fuses aggressive basslines with topics of drug misuse and mental illness. The underground rap scene has seen their ascent, which has been nothing short of spectacular.

Net Worth

Industry insiders put Suicideboys’ net worth in the multi-million dollar range, though exact figures can vary. Album sales, concert earnings, merchandise sales, and royalties from streaming all contribute to this impressive financial success. G*59 Records, an entrepreneurial venture, is a major source of income for them.


Scrim (real name Aristos Petrou) and Ruby da Cherry (real name Scott Arceneaux Jr.) are first cousins and share more than just a musical background. Their incredible rise from troubled youth to iconic figures in music is a true reflection of their unwavering determination and love for what they do.


Scrim came into this world on April 11, 1989, and Ruby da Cherry on April 22, 1990. The music industry and their fanbase have been greatly affected by them, even though they are still relatively young.


Both members hail from varied backgrounds and were raised in Metairie, Louisiana. Ruby’s background as a Greek Cypriot informs her work, while Scrim’s time in Marrero, Louisiana, impacted his path.

Early Life

Starting on the violin when she was seven years old, Ruby moved on to the drums by the time she was ten. The road that Scrim took was more bumpy, and he had to rely on money from illegal sources to fund his early DJ gigs. Themes in their music were greatly impacted by their formative years.


Scrim attended Delgado Community College, but information regarding their formal education is scarce. Ruby’s upbringing was centred on his family’s restaurant and his musical development.


The debut album by the suicideboys, “I Want to Die in New Orleans,” debuted on SoundCloud and quickly rose to the ranks of the Billboard 200, propelling the band to stardom. They have firmly established themselves in music history through their extensive touring and collaborations with icons like Travis Barker.

Personal Life

There are recurring themes in the music that both members have spoken publicly about: their battles with substance misuse and mental health. They have established a strong bond with their audience through their candour and openness.


Unconventional and genuine, the suicideboys’ way of life mirrors their music. They stay grounded, concentrating on music and self-improvement, despite their success.

Musical Influence and Style

Musical Influence and Style

Evolution of Sound

The sound of Suicideboys has changed a lot since they started. Known for their gritty, unfiltered hip-hop, they now also play trap, emo, and punk rock. Through this fusion, they have managed to carve out a distinct niche for themselves in the music industry, where they skillfully blend sorrowful lyrics with intense beats.

Lyrical Themes

Depression, substance misuse, and existential angst are common themes in the duo’s songs. Anyone who has ever felt ignored or misrepresented by the music industry can relate to these themes. One of the reasons they have become so popular is because they are honest about dealing with controversial subjects.

Collaborations and Influences

The musical landscape of Suicideboys has been greatly influenced by their collaborations. Their skill in collaborating with musicians from different backgrounds and blending genres is on full display in the “Live Fast, Die Whenever” EP, which features Travis Barker and Korn guitarist James Shaffer. On top of that, they clearly have a lot of respect for Three 6 Mafia, as they frequently sample and mimic the sound of the renowned group.

Business Model and Financial Strategy

G59 Records’ Role

Suicideboys have shown impressive business sense as G59 Records’ owners. Maximising profits while preserving creative freedom is achieved through controlling music distribution and rights. They have been able to forge their own path in the music industry thanks to their autonomy from conventional record labels.

Merchandising and Branding

The pair makes a good living off of merchandise sales. Their limited edition releases and one-of-a-kind designs generate a lot of excitement among fans and tend to sell out fast. Their revenue goes up, and their brand recognition and audience connection go up as well, thanks to this tactic.

Touring and Live Performances

Suicideboys’ financial success also depends on touring. Huge crowds attend their live performances because of their high energy and genuine performances. They are very wealthy because of the money they make from concert ticket sales and merchandise.

Innovations and Future Projects

New Releases and Albums

With each new album, Suicideboys test new musical territory. Fans are hoping that their next album, “New World Depression,” will combine their distinctive sound with more experimental components. This album showcases their unwavering dedication to constantly improving and redefining their music.

Global Tours and Expansions

A more international profile for Suicideboys is emerging with the news of their Grey Day and European tours. Tours like these do double duty: they introduce their music to new listeners and increase their wealth by expanding their business into foreign markets.

Solo Ventures and Side Projects

Ruby da Cherry and Scrim have both dabbled in solo work, which has given them the freedom to pursue their creative goals while also increasing their combined wealth. Their versatility and ability to succeed as individuals and as a duo in the music industry are demonstrated by these ventures.

Future Endeavors

As evidenced by their prolific music output and groundbreaking endeavours such as the “YIN YANG TAPES,” Suicideboys are far from relenting. The world’s fans are waiting with bated breath for their next albums and tours.


How do Suicideboys make money?

Through album sales, concerts, merchandise, streaming royalties, and their record label, G*59 Records.

What is the financial impact of Suicideboys’ tours and concerts?

Their tours, especially the Grey Day Tour, have significantly contributed to their revenue, attracting large audiences and showcasing their music globally.

How have Suicideboys’ record sales and revenue evolved?

Starting with underground releases to chart-topping albums, their sales have seen a consistent uptrend, bolstering their financial profile.

What is the significance of G59 Records in Suicideboys’ financial success?

Owning their label allows them to control their music distribution and profits, enhancing their financial independence.

How do Suicideboys’ earnings compare with other artists?

While exact comparisons are difficult, their unique position in the underground rap scene and their self-managed label put them in a strong financial position relative to many peers.

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The rise of the Suicideboys from the gutters of New Orleans to the top of the world is an inspiring tale of perseverance, skill, and dedication. Suicideboys net worth attests to the impact they’ve had in the music industry, and what they have planned for the future bodes well for this already stellar career of theirs.

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