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Immerse yourself in the vibrant universe of renowned Call of Duty esports figure Seth “Scump” Abner. Many are looking forward to his retirement and wondering about his accomplishments, earnings, and future plans. From his days as a competitive player to his current position as a successful content creator, this article delves into Scump’s life story, revealing Scump Net Worth, influence, and impact on the gaming community.

Full NameSeth Abner
NicknamesScump, Scumperjumper, The King
Birth DateJune 30, 1995
Last Team Played ForOpTic Texas
Major AchievementsTwo-time Major League Gaming X Games gold medalist
Esports AwardsEsports Console Player of the Year (2016)
Net Worth$4 million

Who is Scump?

Who is Scump?

When it comes to esports, Seth “Scump” Abner will go down in history as one of the all-time great Call of Duty players. Since leaving the professional gaming scene, Scump has gone on to become a prominent content creator, thanks to his magnetic personality and razor-sharp gameplay. Beyond the battlefield, he has left an impression on fans and fellow players.

Net Worth

Scump’s net worth at close to $4 million. This remarkable amount is the result of his participation in tournaments, his content creation, his sponsorships, and his entrepreneurial endeavors. He has become a wealthy figure in the esports industry thanks to his popularity and consistent performance.


Seth Abner, better known as Scump, became famous in the Call of Duty community shortly after his birth on June 30, 1995. He has a loyal fan base and a ton of praise for his aggressive playstyle and strategic mind. The path that Scump has taken demonstrates how seriously he takes gaming.


The year 2024 marks Scump’s 28th birthday. Despite transitioning from competition to content creation, his youthful energy and experience have kept him a prominent figure in the esports scene.

Height and Weight

Scump is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and stays in shape, which helps him focus and endure long hours of gaming and content creation.


Scump frequently mentions his family as the reason he has been able to succeed professionally. Although he keeps his family life under wraps, the few times he does talk about them give the impression that they are very close and supportive.

Early Life

Scump discovered his true calling in Call of Duty, a video game he loved from a young age. A remarkable career was laid in motion when his early exposure to gaming sparked a competitive spirit that catapulted him into the professional scene.


Although Scump has chosen not to discuss his academic background, he has learned a great deal about leadership, strategy, and business from his time spent working in the esports industry.


Scump’s career include a strong showing in the Call of Duty League and a slew of tournament wins. His most notable accomplishment was winning the 2017 Infinite Warfare championship while playing for OpTic Gaming. He has been able to stay in touch with his fanbase since he started creating content.

Personal Life

Scump has kept much of his private life under wraps, drawing fans and media attention instead to his impressive career and insightful gaming commentary. Millions of people all over the world love him because of his friendly personality and how open he is about his gaming career.


Adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Scump has collaborated with companies like Oakley and CTRL, which mirror his passion for fitness and wellbeing. He has a multi-faceted approach to life outside of gaming, as shown by his involvement in various ventures.

Major Achievements in Esports

Major Achievements in Esports

Scump is an esports legend, and his career is littered with major accomplishments that prove it. A few key points that demonstrate his influence on the Call of Duty scene are these.

Infinite Warfare Championship Victory

When OpTic Gaming won the Infinite Warfare Championship in 2017 under Scump’s leadership, his abilities were on full display. One of the highlights of his career was winning $150,000 for his strategic gameplay and leadership.

Record in the Call of Duty League

When it came to Call of Duty, Scump was unstoppable during his tenure in the league. His biggest payday came in 2020, when he won $120,000 thanks to the Chicago Huntsmen’s third-place playoff finish.

World Series of Warzone Triumph

In his solo victory at the World Series of Warzone, Scump added $100,000 to his earnings, showcasing his versatility. His financial situation improved, and his ability to adapt to different competitive formats was on full display with this win.

Streaming and Social Media Presence

Scump used his charisma and gaming knowledge to establish a strong online presence as he moved from competitive play to content creation. His wealth and influence have been greatly enhanced by this change.

Engagement with Fans

Scump’s videos and streams have gone viral thanks to his engaging personality and sincere interaction with viewers. His consistent high-quality content and friendly demeanor have garnered him millions of followers on various platforms.

Brand Collaborations and Sponsorships

Beyond his traditional gaming earnings, Scump has diversified his streams through partnerships with brands like Oakley and his co-ownership of CTRL. His extensive network of collaborators is evidence of his commercial acumen and ability to reach a wide demographic.

Role in OpTic Gaming after Retirement

Despite taking a break from competitive play, Scump is still an essential cog in OpTic Gaming’s wheel. With his new position, he can keep shaping the team’s direction and reputation.

Content Creation Focus

Creating interesting content that his fans enjoy is now Scump’s top priority. This encompasses vlogs, gameplay videos, and partnerships with brands and other gamers.

Mentorship and Legacy Building

Because of his background and achievements, he is an excellent role model for the younger players at OpTic Gaming. The esports stars of tomorrow can look to Scump for advice and direction.

Comparison with Other Top Call of Duty Players

Thanks to his wealth and accomplishments, Scump is rightfully considered one of the most notable figures in Call of Duty’s history. In comparison to other elite players, here is how he stands.

Earnings Comparison

Even though Scump has earned more than any other professional Call of Duty player, his impact goes far beyond the sums of money he has won. His accomplishments in tournaments, content creation, and business endeavors have contributed to his net worth.

Impact and Influence

Beyond his financial success, Scump will be remembered for the impact he had on the Call of Duty community. His likable leadership and reliable play have raised the bar for professional athletes.

Endorsements and Future Projects

Scump’s business acumen and strategic alliances bode well for his future endorsement deals and endeavors. Now that he’s decided to retire from competitive play, he has more time to pursue various opportunities.

Future Endeavors

Now that he’s done playing professionally, Scump is concentrating on making content and starting a business. His continuing impact on the gaming community is demonstrated by his co-ownership of CTRL and his role as a content creator for OpTic.


What is Scump’s estimated net worth as of 2024?

Scump’s net worth is approximately $4 million.

How much has Scump earned from Call of Duty tournaments alone?

Scump earned around $1,186,505.35 from competing in professional CoD tournaments.

What are some of Scump’s major achievements in esports?

Scump’s major achievements include winning the Infinite Warfare Championship with OpTic Gaming and his solo victory at the World Series of Warzone.

What role does Scump play in OpTic Gaming after his retirement?

Scump continues to be a part of OpTic Gaming as a content creator and mentor.

How does Scump’s earnings compare to other top Call of Duty players?

Scump is sixth all-time among professional CoD players in earnings, with Ian “Crimsix” Porter holding the top spot.

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A demonstration of his adaptability and evergreen charisma is Seth “Scump” Abner’s meteoric rise from Call of Duty prodigy to prosperous entrepreneur and content creator. His talent, perseverance, and strategic thinking have resulted in a net worth of around $4 million. Even as he develops further, Scump will indelible leave an impression on esports and serve as an inspiration to players of the future.

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