Meghan Trainor Net Worth (Updated 2024)


American Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor has amassed a substantial fortune in addition to captivating audiences with her infectious songs. The fact that Meghan went from being a little-known artist to a worldwide pop sensation is evidence of her talent and perseverance; Meghan Trainor net worth is estimated at $14 million.

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Net Worth$14 Million
BirthdateDec 22, 1993
ProfessionSongwriter, Musician, Singer, Record producer
NationalityUnited States of America

Who is Meghan Trainor?

Who is Meghan Trainor?

Nantucket, Massachusetts is the place of Meghan Elizabeth Trainor’s birth. She soared to fame after displaying early signs of talent while growing up in a musical household. In addition to her smash single “All About That Bass,” Meghan is adored all over the globe for her charismatic personality and contagious enthusiasm.

Net Worth

Meghan Trainor is currently worth around $14 million. She has amassed this remarkable fortune through her hit songs, albums, and tours, as well as her astute endorsement deals and real estate investments.


Meghan, whose birthday is December 22, 1993, was blessed with a creative upbringing that shaped her musical abilities. With the encouragement of her family, she began her musical career at a young age, setting the stage for her subsequent achievements.


Meghan Trainor is now in her early 30s; she was born in 1993. Her vibrant energy and contemporary sensibilities have a lasting impact on a wide range of age groups.

Height and Weight

Measurements of Meghan’s stature are frequently cited in relation to the uplifting themes of body positivity that run throughout her music and public pronouncements.


The unwavering support of Meghan’s family, including her parents Kelli and Gary Trainor, has played a pivotal role in her professional success. Her brothers Justin and Ryan have also been instrumental in her career as a musician, frequently performing alongside her.

Early Life

Generations Past Meghan’s early exposure to music began in the Methodist church where she grew up and continued to grow as she experimented with different instruments and styles in school. She built her eclectic musical style upon this foundation.


Meghan was an active member of the music programs while she was a student at Nauset Regional High School. Even though she was later awarded a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, she decided to forego college and instead focus on her career as a singer and songwriter.


Meghan Trainor’s career skyrocketed after the release of her first single, “All About That Bass,” went viral. Ever since then, her albums and singles have dominated the charts, solidifying her position as a mainstay in conversations about pop music.

Personal Life

Meghan’s private life, which includes her marriage to actor Daryl Sabara and their children, is frequently covered by the media. Her family life and relationships are portrayed as stable and encouraging.


Meghan’s involvement in high-profile entertainment circles and her tasteful real estate investments are clear indicators of her success. Regardless, she keeps up an approachable and relatable public image.

Meghan Trainor’s Financial Growth Over the Years

Meghan Trainor's Financial Growth Over the Years

Since making her debut, Meghan Trainor’s financial situation has improved dramatically. Her income and financial situation have changed over the years, and we look at that here.

Early Career Earnings

At first, Meghan’s “All About That Bass” became a viral hit, which led to her financial growth. Her rise to stardom and eventual financial security were both sparked by this single. She maintained her early fame by reinvesting her earnings in her career to finance additional projects and music videos.

Peak Earnings Period

The subsequent worldwide success of Meghan’s albums and singles brought her peak earnings. Direct sales and royalties both shot up after the release of “Title” and its popular singles like “Lips Are Movin” boosted her earnings. During this time, her income was also significantly boosted by tours that were connected to these albums.

Diversification of Income

Meghan widened her pool of potential earnings as her career developed. In addition to selling records, she also worked as a judge for music competitions on television, collaborated with other artists, and received endorsements. Her financial situation improved and stabilized as a result of these endeavors, which each created new avenues of income.

Meghan Trainor’s Real Estate Investments

Putting her money into real estate has proven to be a smart decision for Meghan, showcasing her keen eye for long-term investments.

Initial Purchases

For less than $5 million, Meghan bought a house in Toluca Lake, California, marking her first big investment in real estate. Her astute investment tactics were on display when she subsequently sold the property for a profit.

Recent Acquisitions

A huge estate in Encino, California, was purchased by Meghan and her husband for $6.6 million not long ago. The property’s cutting-edge features, such as a recording studio, demonstrate her dedication to meeting her professional and personal needs.

Impact on Net Worth

Not only have Meghan’s real estate investments given her stability, but they have also probably increased in value, which has boosted her net worth.

The career and financial situation of an artist can be greatly affected by winning a Grammy. Multiple personal and professional advantages accrued to Meghan as a result of her Grammy victory.

Increased Marketability

The value of Meghan’s stock increased dramatically after she won the Grammy for Best New Artist. She secured lucrative deals outside of the music industry as a result of this accolade, which made her a more desirable choice for partnerships and endorsements.

Boost in Music Sales

An increase in music sales is a common consequence of a Grammy victory. This meant more money for Meghan’s already impressive bank account from her already successful albums and singles.

Expansion of Touring Opportunities

Gaining more prestigious and lucrative touring opportunities as a headliner and as a part of big music festivals, Meghan was able to increase her earnings from live performances after earning a Grammy.

Future Endeavors

Meghan Trainor is planning to branch out from singing and into acting and producing in the near future. Her versatility and ability to adjust to the changing music industry bode well for her fans’ anticipation of her future endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Meghan Trainor become wealthy?

Meghan’s wealth primarily comes from her music sales, touring, and endorsements. Her hit single “All About That Bass” was a major breakthrough, selling over 11 million units worldwide.

What is Meghan Trainor’s net worth compared to other pop artists?

While Meghan’s net worth is impressive, it varies compared to other pop artists who might have longer careers or more extensive portfolios. However, her financial status is substantial, reflecting her success in the industry.

How does Meghan Trainor spend her money?

Meghan invests in real estate and maintains a comfortable lifestyle. She’s made significant purchases, including homes in California, reflecting her financial acumen.

Meghan Trainor’s income sources?

Beyond album sales and performances, Meghan earns from songwriting royalties, endorsements, and her roles as a television personality on music shows.

Financial lessons from Meghan Trainor’s career?

Meghan’s career offers lessons in diversification and the importance of leveraging one’s skills across various income streams to build and sustain wealth in the competitive entertainment industry.

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Motivatingly, Meghan Trainor went from being a girl from a small town to becoming a pop star all over the world. Meghan Trainor net worth is $14 million evidence of her immense musical talent and her ability to connect with fans all over the globe. Her increasing influence in the music industry is likely to be matched by her growing financial success as she keeps pushing the boundaries of her art.

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