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The multi-talented Marques Houston has enchanted fans all over the globe with his rhythm and blues, acting, and business ventures. Houston has proven himself to be an incredibly versatile artist, branching out from his early days in the R&B group Immature to acting and film production. This article delves into Marques Houston Net Worth and the path that molded his successful career.

Richest CelebritiesRappers
Net Worth$2.5 Million
BirthdateAug 4, 1981 (42 years old)
BirthplaceLos Angeles
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
ProfessionSongwriter, Record producer, Actor, Singer, Rapper, Film Score Composer, Film Producer
NationalityUnited States of America

Who Is Marques Houston?

Who Is Marques Houston?

The multi-talented Marques Houston was born Marques Barrett Houston in Los Angeles, California, on August 4, 1981. He can sing, write songs, act, and produce. He rose to prominence as a member of the R&B group Immature (now called IMx) and then went on to have a fruitful solo career and acting career. His journey in the entertainment industry is a reflection of his dogged pursuit of greatness.

Net Worth

Approximately $2.5 million is Marques Houston’s net worth as of 2024. His successful musical career, acting roles, and business endeavors have contributed significantly to his wealth. The worth is a reflection of his substantial contributions to the entertainment industry, which he has maintained for almost 30 years.


Marques Houston, son of Michael and Carolyn, emerged from an early age in Los Angeles with a passion for the stage. His B2K relative J-Boog is his older cousin. His early forays into acting and music set the stage for a prosperous career in show business.

Age, Height, Weight, and Family

Approximately 5 feet and 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall and 79 kilograms (143 lb) heavy, Houston is 42 years old. He has a daughter named Zara from his marriage to Miya. No matter how famous he is, Houston has never lost touch with reality, prioritizing his family and religion.

Early Life and Education

Houston had a passion for acting and music from a young age while growing up in Los Angeles. His early success in the entertainment industry began with the formation of Immature in 1992, but information regarding his formal education is limited.

Music Career

As a member of the band Immature, which later went by the name IMx, Houston’s career as a musician took off. Songs like “Stay the Night” and “Never Lie” helped propel the group to stardom. After launching her solo career in 2003 with the album “MH,” Houston went on to release albums such as “Naked,” “Veteran,” and “Me.” A devoted following was his as a result of his captivating lyrics and heartfelt singing.

Acting Career

The comedic 1992 film “Bebe’s Kids” was Houston’s acting debut, and he later became famous for his role on the sitcom “Sister, Sister.” In subsequent years, he made guest appearances on “You Got Served,” “Fat Albert,” and “Cuts.” He became a household name in Hollywood thanks to his acting career, which demonstrated his versatility.

Film Producer Career

Houston joined the film industry in 2010 as a partner with Chris Stokes. Films such as “Will to Love,” “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” and “The Stepmother” were produced and written by him while he was the CEO of Footage Films. Extending his creative abilities beyond just music and acting, he has dabbled in production.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Life Outside of Work Both highs and lows characterize Houston’s life outside of work. He became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2016 after finding comfort in his religion after the 1997 death of his mother from lymphoma. He is devoted to his family and religion, and he is friends with singer Omarion.

Marques Houston’s Tour Earnings

Houston is a well-known figure in the R&B industry, and his wealth has been greatly enhanced by the profits from his concerts. Along with B2K, Bow Wow, and others, he showcased his stage presence and made substantial revenue by participating in the Scream tours.

Marques Houston’s Most Successful Ventures Outside of Music

Acting and film production are two of Houston’s most lucrative industries, alongside music. His varied talents in the entertainment industry have been showcased by the multiple films that have come out of his collaboration with Chris Stokes in Footage Films.

How Did Marques Houston Build His Net Worth?

Marques Houston has amassed a fortune thanks to his varied and successful career in show business. Using his skills in music, acting, and business, he was able to build a substantial fortune.

Music and Touring

Houston got his start in the music industry in the ’90s with the popular R&B group Immature/IMx. Album sales and tour earnings greatly increased his net worth, further solidifying his financial foundation.

Acting and Television

As a result of his work in “Sister, Sister” and other films, Marques Houston gained widespread recognition. His overall wealth was greatly enhanced by his consistent appearances on television and in movies, which boosted both his reputation and income.

Business and Film Production

Houston co-founded Footage Films, a production company that has made numerous successful films, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit. Beyond music and acting, he has diversified his income streams with his forays into film production.

Career in Acting 

Breakout Role in “Sister, Sister”

“Sister, Sister” was a watershed moment in Marques Houston’s acting career, when he played Roger Evans. His fame and the opportunities that came his way were both boosted by the show’s success.

Movie Roles and Guest Appearances

Houston has been in several films, including “You Got Served” and “Fat Albert.” Aside from his regular acting gigs, he boosted his profile and earned extra cash by appearing as a guest on TV shows.

Transition to Production and Direction

As his career grew, Houston branched out into directing and producing in addition to acting. He was able to cash in on several facets of the entertainment industry thanks to his work as a writer and producer.

Marques Houston’s Investments and Business Ventures

Footage Films

In addition to running Footage Films as CEO, Houston dabbled in filmmaking as a director, writer, and producer. The success of this enterprise demonstrates Houston’s capacity to thrive in various entertainment domains.

Touring and Live Performances

Live performances and tours have been just as profitable for Houston as album sales. On both his solo and group tours, he made a tidy sum from merchandise and ticket sales.

Brand Collaborations and Sponsorships

Through a number of sponsorships and partnerships, Houston has been able to cash in on his fame. His financial situation has improved thanks to these partnerships, which have given him access to additional sources of income.


How did Marques Houston begin his career?

Marques Houston started his career as a member of the R&B group Immature/IMx.

What is Marques Houston’s main source of income?

His primary income sources include music, acting, and his film production company, Footage Films.

What was Marques Houston’s first acting role?

His first acting role was in the comedy “Bebe’s Kids,” where he voiced a character.

How has Marques Houston diversified his career?

Houston diversified his career by transitioning from music to acting and then into film production.

What are Marques Houston’s most notable albums?

His most notable albums include “MH,” “Naked,” and “Veteran.”

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Inspiringly, Marques Houston went from being Immature’s Batman to becoming a well-respected solo artist and film producer. Marques Houston Net Worth is a testament to his tenacity, imagination, and commitment, as much as it is to his financial success. More and more exciting endeavors from this entertainment powerhouse are on the horizon as he keeps growing and changing.

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