John Amos Net Worth (Updated 2024)


John Amos has left an indelible impression in American entertainment, both on and off screen. Learn how his professional and personal decisions have impacted John Amos Net Worth in this in-depth analysis of his financial situation.

Full NamesJohn Allen Amos Jr
Date of BirthDecember 27, 1939
Place of BirthNewark, New Jersey
OccupationActor, director, author
ChildrenShannon Amos and K.C. Amos
ParentsAnnabelle P. Amos and John A. Amos, Sr.
Marital StatusDivorced
EducationColorado State University
Weight in pounds174 pounds
Net Worth$300,000

Who is John Amos?

Who is John Amos?

American actor John Amos has an extensive resume that includes roles in both film and television. As a result of his work in “Good Times” and the miniseries “Roots,” Amos is now widely recognized and loved by Hollywood insiders.

Net Worth

An estimated $300,000 is John Amos net worth in the year 2024. His earnings have been affected by some financial difficulties, but overall, his career has been filled with notable highs.


John Amos’s extraordinary life begins in Newark, New Jersey, where he was born in 1939. His accomplishments extend to many domains, including acting and athletics. His humble beginnings laid the groundwork for an eclectic career that would see him play football and work on Hollywood sound stages.


Even in his mid-80s, John Amos’s impact on the entertainment industry is palpable. His years of experience have shaped his roles and the way he views the world at work.


A big part of John’s journey has been his family, especially his kids Shannon and K.C. His career has been just as eventful as his relationships and fatherhood responsibilities.

Early Life

While growing up in New Jersey, John’s family’s principles and his early passions for sports had a profound impact on him. He went on to play college football before deciding to pursue acting.


 John Amos attended Colorado State University, where he graduated with a degree in sociology. The form his upbringing took had a profound impact on his outlook on life and his acting career.


John Amos’ career spans a wide variety of mediums, from classic television series and movies to sports broadcasting. His career path exemplifies a combination of perseverance and flexibility as he deftly traverses different forms of entertainment.

Financial Challenges Faced by John Amos

John Amos has had a rocky financial road throughout his career. His New Jersey home is just one example of how his real estate investments have not always paid off.

John Amos’ Roles in Television and Their Earnings

In a career that has included many significant roles, “Good Times” and “Roots” are just a few highlights. As is typical with earnings in show business, his financial status has improved with each project, albeit in an uneven fashion.

Financial Abuse Allegations

Another layer to his financial story emerged in recent years when his daughter Shannon accused him of financial abuse. These allegations, which Amos denied, nevertheless show the financial and personal hardships he has endured.

Real Estate and Financial Issues

Real Estate and Financial Issues

Home Ownership Troubles

A property worth $337,000 was bought by John Amos in 1990 in Lebanon, New Jersey, as part of his realty endeavors. In 2016, the property was listed for $439,000 but failed to find a buyer, leading to its foreclosure. A major financial setback occurred in 2021 when the property was sold for only $288,000.

Challenges with Liquid Assets

John has struggled throughout his career to keep his acting paychecks and other liquid assets under control. His overall net worth has been affected by these financial hurdles, so he will have to be more careful with his investments and spending as he gets older.

Impact of Financial Decisions on Net Worth

John Amos’ present net worth is a direct result of the financial difficulties and property problems. Particularly for prominent figures in the unpredictable entertainment industry, his story demonstrates the significance of sound financial management.

John Amos’ Contributions to Theater

“Halley’s Comet” and Beyond

In addition to his work as an actor, John Amos has written plays and performed in theater productions. His critically acclaimed and internationally showcased one-man show, “Halley’s Comet,” showcased his versatile talents beyond television and film. He wrote and performed the show.

Broadway Appearances

Going all the way to Broadway, he was a part of August Wilson’s “Gem of the Ocean.” He was able to expand his acting repertoire in this role by delving into more nuanced characters and stories.

Influence on Theatrical Norms

Theatrical standards have been shaped by John Amos, who has utilized his platform to promote stories that center the histories and experiences of African Americans. The inclusion of diverse stories in mainstream theater has been greatly influenced by his performances.

Charity and Social Movements

Support for Educational Initiatives

John has been a vocal backer of numerous youth-oriented educational programs, many of which aim to help those from low-income backgrounds. He is dedicated to giving back to the community, and his efforts to promote education are a reflection of that.

Advocacy for Actors’ Rights

John Amos has also been an outspoken supporter of the rights of performers, especially as it pertains to equitable pay and treatment in the film and television industries, in addition to his work in education. His activism has sparked conversations about diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.

Environmental Causes

In addition to his work within his industry, John has been actively involved in promoting environmental causes. His dedication to sustainability is in line with his public image as an ethical and responsible person, and it reflects his larger concerns for global issues.

Future Endeavors

John Amos’s future endeavors reflect his enduring love of storytelling and performance as he eagerly pursues new opportunities.

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1. How did John Amos make his money?

John Amos made his money through his acting roles in television and film, alongside other ventures.

2. What are some of John Amos’ most notable roles?

His most notable roles include James Evans Sr. in “Good Times” and Kunta Kinte in “Roots.”

3. Has John Amos won any awards for his acting?

John Amos has been nominated for an Emmy for his role in “Roots,” among other accolades.

4. What financial issues has John Amos faced?

John has faced various financial issues, including unsuccessful real estate investments and publicized financial disputes.

5. What is John Amos doing now?

As of 2024, John Amos continues to act and participate in various cultural and artistic projects.


John Amos’s success in the entertainment industry is evidence of his adaptability and perseverance. John Amos Net Worth belies the profound cultural influence and personal accomplishments that have marked his career.

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