How to Make Your Own Bottle Opener Challenge Coin

When was the last time you gave out branded merchandise? In the digital age, companies are starting to move away from swag and focus entirely on digital media. Turns out, this is a mistake.

An estimated 76% of people report a change in how they perceive a business after receiving branded merchandise. The trick is making sure that you’re putting your brand on items people will actually use more than once.

A bottle opener challenge coin makes a great giveaway for breweries, bottling companies, and more. How can you make your own? Read on to find out.

Find the Right Company

The first step in any merch design process is finding the right company to take on the job. Look for companies that let you design your own challenge coin and see what other products they can make.

An experienced challenge coin company will bring the skill needed to create a quality-first product. Remember, you want to order branded merch that people can get several uses out of. Cheap novelty gifts won’t make the right impression.

Customize Your Design

Next, it’s time to customize your design. We recommend starting with your company name or logo. If you’re promoting a specific product, like a small batch craft beer, pull design inspiration from the accompanying label.

When you partner with the right challenge coin company, you can get help perfecting your design. Many companies will allow for multiple revisions before you need to approve a final proof. 

Breeze Through Production and Ordering

When you’re designing something like a bottle opener challenge coin, be prepared to order in bulk. Companies tend to have an order minimum of 25 to 50, with prices dropping per unit the more you order.

Keep in mind that lead times tend to range from 10 to 14 days after you finalize your design. If you’re ordering bottle opener challenge coins for a specific event, try to get started on your order at least one month in advance.

Tips for Giving Out Bottle Opener Challenge Coins

Challenge coin merchandise is perfect for events like block parties, trade shows, product launches, and conventions. You can also include them as a free gift to customers who spend a certain amount of money or offer them for sale at your register or front desk.

Bottle opener challenge coins can also make great gifts for members of your organization. Include them in onboarding packages or hand them out at team-building events.

Make an Impact with a Bottle Opener Challenge Coin

If you’re focusing your entire marketing budget on digital marketing, it’s time to branch out. A bottle opener challenge coin makes the perfect branded merchandise that your customers and clients will use over and over again. High-quality merch has the power to transform your brand reputation, so don’t overlook it!

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