Henk Rogers Net Worth (Updated 2024)


When people think of innovation in the video game industry, they often think of Henk Rogers. Rogers is most famous for his key role in making Tetris popular. This article dives into Rogers’ life and career, looking at his many accomplishments and Henk Rogers Net Worth.

Full nameHenk Brouwer Rogers
NicknameHenk Rogers
Date of birth4th December 1953
Age69 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signCapricorn
Place of birthAmsterdam, Netherlands
Current residenceHawaii, U.S

Who is Henk Rogers?

Who is Henk Rogers?

Henk Rogers, an entrepreneur and video game designer from the Netherlands, secured the rights to distribute Tetris on global platforms, which revolutionized the gaming world. He became famous and wealthy as a result of his astute business decisions in the gaming industry.

Net Worth

An estimated $22 million will be Henk Rogers’s net worth in the year 2024. His involvement with the world’s best-selling video game Tetris and the subsequent sale of Blue Lava Wireless are major contributors to his enormous wealth.


Henk Rogers, who was born in the Netherlands but grew up in the Big Apple, has always been an innovator and creative thinker. His entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking mindset were on full display throughout his meteoric rise from dedicated gamer to game developer.


Although Henk Rogers’ age is seldom mentioned in detail, his extensive career spanning decades suggests a life filled with accomplishments and experiences.

Height and Weight

People are more interested in Henk Rogers’ work and his impact on sustainability and technology than they are in learning about his height.


Henk Rogers has four children from his marriage to Akemi Rogers. Although he keeps his family life out of the public eye, his charitable work and business endeavors are deeply impacted by his life experiences.

Early Life

It is clear in Rogers’ business practices that his upbringing in a multicultural family broadened his perspective and understanding of the world.


Rogers received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Hawaii. His education laid the groundwork for him to follow his dream of becoming a video game designer.


After a string of daring maneuvers and negotiations with Soviet authorities, career gaming mogul Henk Rogers secured the rights to Tetris, cementing his place in the industry. Bullet-Proof Software and Blue Lava Wireless, two companies he co-founded, have made huge waves in their respective fields.

Personal Life

Life Outside of Work Rogers juggles his professional and personal pursuits of sustainability and philanthropy, a testament to his desire to make a difference in the world.


Living His sustainable lifestyle is a reflection of his beliefs, says Henk Rogers. Every aspect of his life is centered around his investments in renewable energy and environmentally conscious practices.

Entrepreneurial Achievements

Entrepreneurial Achievements

Tetris Rights Acquisition

While visiting the Soviet Union in the 1980s, Henk Rogers made his most impactful business move by acquiring the worldwide distribution rights for Tetris. Both his career and the video game industry were irrevocably altered by this risky endeavor. A prime example of his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen is his negotiation with the game’s creator and Russian authorities.

Blue Lava Wireless Sale

Sold for $137 million in 2005, Henk Rogers’ mobile game publishing company, Blue Lava Wireless, was a huge financial leap for him. His reputation as a successful entrepreneur who could successfully navigate and profit from the growing mobile gaming market was further cemented by this sale, which increased his net worth.

Property Investments

Rogers has dabbled in real estate investments in addition to his tech ventures. One of his Hawaiian properties is a ranch-style house in Puu Waawaa, and another is a house in Honolulu’s Tantalus neighborhood. In addition to diversifying his holdings, these investments highlight his strong ties to Hawaii, the site of his many sustainability and philanthropic initiatives.

Philanthropic Activities

Blue Planet Foundation

Henk Rogers’ charitable work has garnered almost as much attention as his career in gaming. He paved the way for Hawaii to transition to renewable energy when he established the Blue Planet Foundation. The foundation’s efforts to lessen Hawaii’s reliance on fossil fuels have been crucial.

Climate Change Initiatives

Rogers is deeply engaged in climate change initiatives on a global scale, in addition to local energy reforms. His dedication to environmental protection is on full display in the many initiatives he has led with the goal of lowering global carbon emissions and increasing support for renewable energy sources.

Community Engagement and Education

In his work with the Blue Planet Foundation and other organizations, Rogers champions sustainability and renewable energy education initiatives. In particular, he thinks it’s important to teach the next generation about the value of sustainable practices so that they can help build stronger communities.

Impact on the Video Game Industry

Innovations in Game Design

Not only did Henk Rogers distribute Tetris, but he also made other significant contributions to the video game industry. Participating in the creation of multiple additional games, each with groundbreaking gameplay and design, he has had a significant impact on the industry as a whole.

Advancements in Game Distribution

Innovations in Game Distribution Rogers was an early adopter of revolutionary game distribution techniques, most notably in the worldwide promotion and sale of Tetris. He laid the groundwork for global game distribution with his strategies, and innumerable games have followed suit.

Mentorship and Industry Support

Rogers is well-known for his work as a guide and advocate for up-and-coming video game artists. By mentoring up-and-coming talent, he has aided in the development of video game artists for years to come.

Vision for the Future

Technological Innovation

New technological frontiers are being explored by Henk Rogers, carrying on his tradition of innovation. He anticipates that developments in artificial intelligence and gaming technology will lead to even greater expansion and improvement in the sector.

Sustainability in Gaming

Rogers is deeply committed to making the gaming industry more environmentally friendly. In an effort to lessen the negative impact that gaming has on the environment, he promotes greener gaming gear and methods.

Expanding Philanthropic Impact

Aside from renewable energy, Henk Rogers intends to broaden his charitable endeavors to encompass education and global health. He plans to use his power and wealth for good on a worldwide scale.

Future Endeavors

Henk Rogers plans to continue his charitable work in the future, with a focus on the Blue Planet Foundation, which he established to encourage the use of renewable energy sources and lessen the world’s carbon footprint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Henk Rogers make his money?

Henk Rogers earned most of his wealth from distributing Tetris and his sale of Blue Lava Wireless.

What businesses does Henk Rogers own?

Rogers has been involved in various ventures, including video game companies and renewable energy initiatives.

What is Henk Rogers’ role in promoting renewable energy?

Through the Blue Planet Foundation, Rogers advocates for sustainable energy solutions to combat climate change.

How has Tetris impacted Henk Rogers’ wealth?

Tetris, being one of the most popular video games worldwide, has been a significant source of revenue for Rogers.

Does Henk Rogers have a movie?

Yes, the story of Tetris and Rogers’ involvement has been captured in a movie where his role is depicted by Taron Egerton.


In addition to being a prosperous businessman, Henk Rogers is a visionary whose ideas have had far-reaching effects in fields outside of video games. His legacy will be one of innovation and lasting influence because of the many people he has inspired through his work. As of 2022, Henk Rogers net worth is estimated to be around $150 million, further solidifying his impact in both business and innovation.

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